At Last, Little Old Ladies And Cranky Old Men Have Their Own Transportation

But of course, little old ladies will always be little old ladies, won’t they. They are sweet and charming. They have years of human experience that enable them to curl their bony little fingers around our emotions to get us to wilt and do things for them. And of course, the older they become, the feebler minded they become. Do not for a moment believe that they are conveniently going into memory lapses.

senior transportation Greenwich

Ageing well into the golden years does this to people, and of course, the old folks remain a lot wiser than the rest of us and they do still have the capacity to recollect historic events that can only be of benefit to the rest of us. But why are the old boys still so cranky? Is it the ball game they are trying to watch on their old squiggly lined TV sets? Or is it their typical aches and pains? More than likely it is the latter.

Never mind, soon it will all be alright. There’s one thing you can do for the poor old folks in your neck of the woods. They can’t get around as easily as you do, so why don’t you initiate a plan to put senior transportation Greenwich vehicles on the roadmap. And in less than no time, watch how those cranky old men stop being cranky. They feel better because a sense of independence and dignity has restored their manly old pride.

And the next time the seniors’ bus drops them all off at the local mall, don’t be surprised if one of the little old ladies buys you a cupcake and gives you a pinch on the cheek. Don’t wince. Take it as a compliment for doing something good.